Uber is certainly a convenient app to have on your phone when you’re in certain situations, but it’s not the most practical choice for practically any other situation. See why a private car is a much smarter decision if you need a reliable ride that’s on time.

Selection Processes – CAR SERVICE

How much does Uber really know about the driver before they’re ‘hired’? The selection process for Uber seems to be very much defined by who has a car that fits their specifications. There are plenty of reports about unsafe or even violent Uber drivers, which is truly not something that you want from a service you have to pay for. Instead of taking your chances, a private car service has already done the work when it comes to vetting their drivers. There’s no need for a private car service to take any chances with their business– they know how important it is for everyone to be safe when in the car.

Better Reliability Than Uber – MSP Car Service

Uber drivers work off of apps, which aren’t necessarily the most accurate. It shows the general location of the person but doesn’t account for odd locations or strange requests. This makes for frustrated riders and drivers who just can’t seem to find each other. Cut the extra waiting (and explaining) time out when you choose a car service that knows exactly where you are. When you have a chance to arrange the ride with a professional, you can work out all the kinks that may arise before the driver actually gets there. Also, you’re guaranteed to get a clean car that’s in great shape. No garbage in the backseat or odd noises coming from the front. Calling a car doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration when you choose to go the private car route rather than relying on the grab bag that is Uber.

If you’re interested in hiring a private car service or need MSP airport transportation, contact the Limos ProFinders team Service today.

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